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The Daily Mile™


The Daily Mile Destinations is here!

Get your whole school involved in The Daily Mile with our new Daily Mile Destinations resource!

Travel the Great Wall of China, soak up the spray at Niagara Falls, stand in awe as the sun rises over the pyramids of Giza and visit Chile’s Easter Island.

Whatever your journey looks like this year, let The Daily Mile Destinations help you along the way, keeping pupils, fit, focussed and flourishing – the journey is in your hands.

Aiming to achieve 100 days of The Daily Mile, classes strive to complete 3-5 days of The Daily Mile a week with each Daily Mile day moving you closer towards achieving a new destination sticker and certificate!

Your school will receive the following:

  • A laminated Daily Mile Destinations map for your whole school
  • School markers to track each of your classes movement
  • Individual class passports with destinations stickers
  • A cross-curricular fact sheet to aid your children’s learning

If you would like a The Daily Mile Destinations resource pack please sign up here


The aim of The Daily Mile is to improve the physical, social, emotional and mental wellbeing of our children – regardless of age, ability or personal circumstances.

It is a simple but effective concept, which any school can implement completely free of charge and without the need for staff training.

Its impact can be transformational – improving not only children’s fitness, but also their attainment, mood, behaviour and general wellbeing.

The Daily Mile is not sport or PE, but a health and wellbeing initiative, promoting daily physical activity. Children are encouraged to jog or run outside for 15 minutes every day at a time of their teacher’s choosing.

Sign up for free at www.thedailymile.co.uk

Your Local Coordinator is Darren Huart

The role of the Daily Mile Local Coordinator is to help primary schools in South and West Yorkshire get started in The Daily Mile. This could be:

  • an assembly or launch day
  • providing more information on how The Daily Mile could work in your school
  • case studies of other schools making it work

Feel free to contact me if you need any more information and ideas!

Contact Details

07702 557 008 Twitter – @DarrenHuart

If you want us to celebrate your success on Twitter, Tweet us at @YorkshireSport with the hashtag #DailyMile

Sport England: “Helping children to develop positive attitudes to being active is a key part of Sport England’s work. With 1/3 of children currently doing fewer than 30 minutes of physical activity a day, getting as many children as possible to be physically active is really important.

That’s why Sport England wants to increase the number of schools and children taking part in The Daily Mile on a regular basis. Through its partnership with the Daily Mile Foundation – who are an independent charity – Sport England has invested National Lottery funds into Active Partnerships (CSPs) to  the expansion of The Daily Mile in England.
This partnership will give many thousands of children the opportunity to get active.”

‘The Daily Mile’ name and logo are trademarks of The Daily Mile Foundation, Hawkslease, Chapel Lane, Lyndhurst SO43 7FG (Registered Charity Number 1166911). All rights reserved.

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