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Hit the Ground Running

The School Games team in South Yorkshire and West Yorkshire have teamed up with Totally Runable to give primary schools a county-wide competitive challenge that can be done at any time, any place, and without any equipment!

The challenge will begin on Monday 27 September and will run until Friday 10 December. Your school can register to take part at any point during the challenge.

This challenge aims to provide a simple solution where children can be part of a county-wide challenge, whilst getting them outside and active, which we know is great for the physical and mental wellbeing.

Simply follow the steps below for your schools to take part.

  • Sign up your school or class.
  • Log your miles
  • Track your progress online. We will post weekly leaderboards on this page.
  • Take part in weekly mini-challenges to win prizes. These will include photo competitions, cross-curricular activities, and timed challenges.If you have any questions regarding the challenge, please contact emma.binnersley@yorkshiresport.org.


Take a look at the leaderboard.

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