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Airedale Active

Airedale Active aims to; Use Sport and physical activity to empower a community to create social change and have a positive impact on social issues

We intend to do this via a community led project which combines activity delivery with training, education and empowerment of community members.

Consultation, discussion and ‘Learning to Action’ has taken place with local residents and a range of community partners.  As a result, project outcomes and ‘ways of working’ have been identified;


·       Better use of green spaces

·       Improved mental health

·       More consultation and engagement with young people

·       Reduced loneliness

·       Improved parent engagement (support)

·       Better community involvement

·       Better communication channels

Projects will be underpinned by the following Critical Success Factors or ways of working:

1.      Activities will need to consider how they are going to reach and motivate the community to get involved

2.      Projects will need to involve members of the local community as facilitators, volunteers or activators – you need to think about how you will motivate people to volunteer!

3.      Projects need to identify how they will that create a sense of belonging and provide people with a safe space.

4.      You must show how you have or will involve the community in design, development and delivery

5.      Activities will need to be affordable, but you must also think about how you might sustain activities once funding finishes.

Yorkshire Sport Foundation recognise the need to support community groups in a flexible way. In order to empower the community to enact social change, there will need to be a variety of funding options, funding a number of different activities across Airedale.  For more information please contact a member of the team below:

Lindsey Best-Fryer

Health and Wellbeing Activator


Mobile: 07716857462 Phone: 01226 270800

Web: http://www.coalfields-regen.org.uk


Kathryn Mudge

Development Manager (Communities)


Mobile: 07702 211896

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