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Better in Kirklees

Yorkshire Sport Foundation is a partner with Touchstone in the delivery of the Better in Kirklees (BiK) Social Prescribing Scheme.

The scheme links patients referred by their GP or Adult Social Care to voluntary and community sector support, to supplement their NHS care.

We are taking the lead in connecting people to a wide range of community based activities and support networks through sport and physical activity.

BiK is a social prescribing service that supports people to be active and involved in their community, keeping people happier, healthier and independent for longer. BiK workers talk to each person about how they would like to improve their physical and mental health and wellbeing, offering information, support and encouragement so that they can get involved in community activities, get out and about near to where they live and, with support, take part in something that they enjoy.

The BiK evaluation report was released in November 2017 and can be read HERE.  Some of the headline findings include:

  • GP Practice attendance records showed an 11.6% reduction in total GP Practice appointments and 7% reduction in GP appointments for individuals referred to BiK.
  • Health & Wellbeing survey:

–          43% felt less anxious

–          38% saw an improvement in general health

–          33% increased their physical activity levels

Jean Siedlecka, Practice Manager at Broughton House Surgery, said: ‘There’s a great need for Social Prescribing in General Practice. We haven’t got time to know what’s out there for people. There’s only so much we can do.’

For more information contact Petra Gordon via petra.gordon@yorkshiresport.org

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