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Photography policy

We love to take photographs and videos at events.

Yorkshire Sport Foundation uses images (this includes stills photography and video) for press and promotional purposes. This might include printed publications such as newspapers, magazines, brochures and flyers; or online, including our own and partners’ websites and social media.

By allowing us to take your picture or include you in any video, you will be giving permission to both Yorkshire Sport Foundation (YSF) and its trusted partners to make use of them to help achieve the charity’s aims.

We generally use the imagery for three years. Images/video may still appear on our website beyond three years for things like news articles and in social media channels (such as YouTube), but will not be used to create new material. For example, a photograph taken in January 2022 would not be used on a newly created poster after January 2025, but may still appear on a website in a news story on the event.

At events, signage will be visible to point to this policy on website and cards with this information will be available. Our photographer(s) will be identifiable and will have been briefed on our safeguarding policy and procedures.

Published images will be used and held in accordance with YSF’s photography, safeguarding and privacy policies.

Withdrawing consent in advance for taking images at events (for individuals or groups) can be done by completing this online form: https://yorkshire.sportsuite.co.uk/forms/view/withdrawconsentforevents

Withdrawing consent for images already in use can be done by completing this online form: https://yorkshire.sportsuite.co.uk/forms/view/withdrawconsent


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