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Our Strategy, 2022 and beyond

Following more than 12 months of conversation with people representing partner organisations, and staff, we are pleased to share Our strategy, 2022 and beyond

Here is a video of the launch briefing from 28 March 2022, 1pm-1.45pm:

About our strategy
We are clear in our ambition for it to be easy and enjoyable for everyone in Yorkshire to be active. We know moving more, being active or taking part in sport can help people to improve their lives. Many people already benefit from being active but too many people also face challenges to build activity into their day-to-day lives. 

Supported by system partner funding from Sport England and the National Lottery, our vision is a vibrant, healthy and prosperous Yorkshire through everyone moving more. And we mean, everyone. 

We are stronger when we move together. This is why our work fully supports the aims and common purpose of Sport England’s 2021- 2031 Uniting the Movement vision by connecting, influencing and supporting the people and places across our regions. We are committed to playing our part. 

Underpinning our vision are eight themes: 

Active Communities
Neighbourhoods and communities will be vibrant and connected through local people creating a range of easy and enjoyable opportunities to be active.  

Active Design
Where we all live, work and play will be designed to make it east to be active. Green, blue and open spaces will be open to make the most of our natural settings. Our spaces and places will be safe, accessible and inclusive for local people.  

Health and Care
Physical activity will play a major role within health and care systems so that everyone can enjoy more healthy years of life.  

Active Travel
It will be easy to make journeys by walking and cycling to connect people with employment, education, leisure and tourism. Everyone can access these journeys that are integrated into the wider public transport system. 

Active Workplaces
Employers encourage and support their people to be physically active throughout their working day. 

Public Campaigns
Regular, population and targeted, effective public campaigns will connect and inspire people from all backgrounds to be active. 

Active Schools
All children and young people will be active for at least 30 minutes within the school day and early years’ settings will provide the foundations for an active life. 

There are inclusive, safe and accessible, formal and informal high quality sports opportunities at every level, and easy progression for talent to flourish. 

Our partners tell us we are many things to many people. And we like that about ourselves. We like that we know we cannot achieve our vision alone. So we promote and encourage a ‘whole-of-systems’ approach – a way of ensuring that complex situations are tackled with common understanding, flexible working and agreed actions across the many agencies, organisations and communities who share a collective purpose across South Yorkshire and West Yorkshire. To us this means working collaboratively and purposefully. 

We know there are inequalities in our communities. We’re going to work hard to eradicate them. We will support all our people and places to be active. This includes adopting an approach that will focus on people and places in greatest need, with targeted support and additional resource, to make the biggest difference. 

‘Everyone active’ isn’t a slogan or a far-off vision. We are committed to make it real for the benefit of the people and places in Yorkshire. We hope many others will join us in doing so. 

Nigel Harrison (Pronouns: he, his, him)

Chief Executive Officer – Yorkshire Sport Foundation


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