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Accountancy and audit services

Invitation to Tender for our accountancy and audit services for Yorkshire Sport Foundation from year accounts ended March 2023.

Deadline for receipt of tender proposals: Noon, Friday 20 May 2022

YSF has been a registered Company and Charity since 2011 and as such we require auditors with a specialism in producing and auditing charity accounts. YSF is registered for VAT and therefore advice may be required around this subject. Costings need to be included below for processing the quarterly VAT return. Attendance at trustee meetings would not generally be required however would be expected at the AGM.

Previous year’s accounts can be found on the Companies House (registered number 7633990) and Charity Commissions (registered number 1143654) websites.

YSF currently employs 40 people, this is not expected to change drastically in the coming years. For the year end March 2022, we are expecting a turnover of just over £3m covering both YSF and YSP.  Around 87% of this is income is awarded from Sport England over nine different grants. Within their review Sport England have renewed their awards, pulling a number of them into one award, and have awarded YSF funding until March 2027. YSF’s biggest expense line is salaries accounting for approximately 38% of expenditure for year ended March 2022. There is a small amount of spending on overheads for the charity with the remaining being spend on the various projects. We only have one small fixed asset (a computer server) which is being depreciated and we currently have no property.

The biggest challenge we face managing the finances at YSF is ensuring all the expenditure is aligned to the correct funds. We manage this using tracking categories on our accounting software, Xero, which we started using in April 2019. All our financial paperwork is electronic with Xero allowing us to ensure all the relevant paperwork is attached to transactions. We also use Xero for processing payroll and are planning to set up a separate account for YSP in the coming year to ensure these transactions are kept separate.


The YSF financial year end is 31 March with the final accounts being presented to the Trustees at the AGM which usually takes place in July.

The successful tender will be appointed by the Board at the 2022 AGM and produce the first set of accounts for the year ending March 2023.

A cycle of going to tender for auditing and accounting services every three years is in place, unless exceptional circumstances arise.


Tender Notice posted – Thursday 28 April 2022
Tender response deadline – Noon, Friday 20 May 2022
Interviews/ Clarification (if applicable) – w/c 6 June 2022 July 2022
Anticipated contract award – July 2022
Launch Date – July 2022

Duration of Contract
The contract would be renewed annually for a maximum term of three years.

Read full tender document 

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