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School Games Youth Voice

With our partners, Yorkshire Sport Foundation would like to understand what motivates young people to be active, particularly those who could benefit most. That way, the School Games programme can support them in the most appropriate way. This will then inform local and county wide programmes and events.

We are seeking an external researcher to support us with this work across South Yorkshire and West Yorkshire.

Specifically, this will involve working alongside us and project partners to deliver against the project’s objectives:

  • Understand what the School Games means to young people, teachers and partners
  • Identify the target groups of young people
  • Understand the need of the target groups and what will encourage them to be active
  • Understand how to engage the less active Children and Young People in sport and physical activity
  • Use the findings to inform the planning of the 2022-2023 School Games Provision
  • Support the School Games Organisers with the findings to ensure their local programmes are meeting the needs of the young people and that the local and county provision align

Successful applicants will be expected to show they meet the criteria.

For more information, download the tender document.

Deadline for questions: Monday 7 February 2022, 5pm (answers below)
Deadline for receipt of tender proposals: Friday 18 February 2022, 10am  Interviews: Wednesday 23 February 2022

Bullet point on page 3 that states “Young people engaged in the research process to understand the views of their peers” – could you clarify what you mean by this? Is it that you’d like the research to be used to share information among young people, and see how they react?

We would like young people where possible to be involved in the research process, we want the tools used to be able to be used by young people if they want to find out more information from their peers in the future. We would also like for the research to be shared back to the Young Ambassadors that are working on supporting the school games.

Secondly, the bullet point below the above states a “Wider understanding of current views on School Games and what needs are” is required – could you please clarify who you had in mind with this, in terms of who you’d like the views of – is it SGOs, teachers, pupils, any other stakeholders?

Yes, wider views beyond the young people so teachers, parents, SGOs and other stakeholders

Could you please confirm whether potential suppliers need to provide evidence that they meet the criteria (i.e. Equal Opportunities Policy document) at the point of submission or simply self certify that we can provide this information on request?

We only ask for evidence once we have appointed a research team as part of the contract process

Is this project open to applications from a research team? Can we make an application as co-investigators?

Yes, we accept applications from joint research teams

Any questions and their respective answers will be published here when submitted.

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